Picky Little People 

For the last two weeks, I have had a little side project going. I, Miss Black Thumb, have been growing vegetables!!! I’m shocked that I got as far as I did. I have sugar pumpkins, zucchini, and tomatoes growing. Still waiting on the peppers, but they take a little more time to sprout. I think my kidlets think I’m nuts, but so what? I am doing this for me, and it feels pretty darn good! My hubby is Switzerland during this project. As long as I am not blowing tons of money, he is fine. I am really crossing my fingers about these veggies. It will be so nice the have fresh veggies to cook and bake with. Can’t wait for fresh pasta sauce and warm, yummy Zucchini Bread! I know the kids will think I’m brilliant then. All part of my evil plan…

My kiddos are junk eaters. No fast food meal is too gross! Cowboy snacks all day long, not ever bothering to finish a meal. Archer prefers Hot Pockets, and Kitten is all about the age old question, chicken or fish sandwich? She is not a beef or pork person. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but Archer and Cowboy are not fish people, or huge chicken fans. As far as they are concerned, “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner!” 

My only saving grace is that they do like veggies, but not all veggies. They are all broccoli fans, but you can only eat so much before you find yourself in the grocery store cringing as you put fresh, or frozen broccoli in the cart. At least they will eat asparagus, corn, potatoes, and carrots too. But only on special occasions, in certain meals. It is my hope that with fresh veggies that we grow ourselves, I can get them to broaden their tastes a bit. Maybe try new things. I have the spiralizer ready and the veggie inspired recipes waiting for our first picks of the season. Fingers crossed!!!



Hi, I'm Mags. I'm stay at home mommy of four. I cyber school three of my kids (yes I am crazy!), and my one son goes to a special class for children with multiple disabilities. It's a crazy, chaotic life, but it's my life.

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