Pillsbury Casanova 

So my son Archer is a bread lover. I’m not talking about just enjoying bread. I’m talking about getting the same light you up inside and everyone sees the glow kind of love. It started when he was a toddler and just grew. We always knew he was a fan of bread, but it wasn’t until a holiday meal at a family gathering that we realized just how bad of a fan boy he could be.

At family gatherings, there are easily 30+ people there for some good old home cooking. The younger kids are in the kitchen spread out at the table and at the counter on stools. This day, someone had sat Archer at the counter. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem, but let’s face it, Murphy’s Law seems to follow us around-the-clock. My sister-in-law makes homemade crescent rolls for almost every gathering. Hot, soft, delicious… I could go on, but you get the point!

Archer must of had his antenna up, because unknown to my husband and I, the bread basket was across the counter within reach of him! Each of us had our hands full getting plates ready for the kids. After only a small amount of people had gotten food, we here this: “Where have all the rolls gone?” Hubby and I stop, look at each other, turn and zero in on Archer. There he is, my baby boy, with the cheeks a chipmunk would envy! He had helped himself to the rolls and was actively trying to shove them into his mouth. Needless to say, we put the rolls on our plates back and made sure Archer was never seated near the food at a gathering again. 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Colt has nursing care at night and his nurses are amazing! They are so sweet to all our kidlets. One nurse had been out shopping and had brought a fresh loaf of bread to share. She had no idea just how much Archer loves all things bread. She was sitting next to him and as he was the closest, handed him the wrapped up loaf of bread. We were all chatting and I glanced over at Archer. He is now 12, and does have some control, sort of, when it comes to bread. He was sitting there, listening to the chatter and seemed fine. That is, until I noticed that he is unconsciously cradling the loaf and stroking it like you would if petting a cat! Being the loving parents we are, we pointed it out and laughed. We tease with our kids all the time. Archer does get a little embarrassed, but takes all the teasing in stride. He was laughing and was blushing bright red. The nurse was laughing with us as we pulled out story after story about Archer the bread thief. I’m not sure what made me do it, but I ended up christening my son “Pillsbury Casanova”. We all laughed and Archer got even more red. After a slice of the bread, he was good to go.

Tonight, my husband and I snuck away to have dinner without the kidlets. Mean, I know! We brought back the part of the cactus blossom we didn’t finish and the last roll and cinnamon butter. We knew the kids would tear the food up. Without even asking if anyone wanted it, Archer grabs the roll and proceeds to bite off a huge chunk. We had to stop him, make him share the roll with his little brother, and told him he was nuts. You cant eat that roll without the cinnamon butter! So with great reluctance, he did as told and grumbled through spreading butter on both halves. I guess my Pillsbury Casanova is a purest. Bread is to be enjoyed as is. Who knew?